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Bronx County GOP

The Official Republican Party of Bronx County

The Bronx Republican Party has served as a political staple and community activist organization across the borough since our founding. We are proud to support the core values and principles of the Republican Party, and stand behind our endorsed candidates for elected office at all levels of government.

As the Republican Party of the Bronx, we not only work to elect qualified Republican candidates but also to serve our constituency through community engagement, business and civic partnerships, and economic development and sustainability initiatives.

Our organization offers legal and financial resources, voter assistance and registration, as well as a host of other community based programs for all residents of the Bronx. We are #BronxStrong and are proud to support our neighbors and our borough as a leader and advocate.

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Members of the Bronx Republican County Committee represent election districts within the 11 Assembly Districts across the borough. Each of these representatives are crucial to the Party and play an influential role in directing county leadership.

A major role of a Committee Member is to elect Party officers every two years, including the role of County Chairperson. Moreover, the County Committee, in addition to being an elected position itself, works alongside Party leadership and District Leaders to campaign with and advocate for endorsed Republican candidates seeking elected office. The County Committee is elected in the Republican Primary once every two years. Candidates for County Committee must qualify for the ballot by collecting petition signatures, similar to candidates for elected office and party leader positions.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Bronx Republican County Committee, please contact us below.


Leadership Team

Chairman Michael Rendino

Mike Rendino was unanimously reelected Bronx Republican Party Chairman in the fall of 2019.

A lifelong resident of the borough, Chairman Rendino has long been an active
member in his community, previously serving as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee as well as Merchant Representative of the 161 Street Business Improvement District.

Chairman Rendino worked as a firefighter before injuries sustained during the September 11th relief effort forced him into retirement. Since then, he has become heavily involved in local politics, working on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2009 reelection campaign before running for New York State Assembly in 2010.

A graduate of St. John’s University, he has a degree in sports management. In addition to his tireless community activism, Rendino runs a very successful small business located near Yankee Stadium.

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